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"Who owns the information - owns the world"
Nathan Rothschild.

Business Project "Virtual City"

Who today has not heard about the phenomenal success of the companies working in information technology? However, such a business often seems unattainable complex, risky and extremely expensive. In our view, everything is easier. The world is changing, based on successful modern businesses increasingly is not Marx's theory, the enormous capital and surplus value, and the original idea and its brilliant implementation. People pay money for something that they like, for what interests them.

We offer you the realization of the idea of ​​building the city (sectoral, thematic, national, etc.) information spaces.

Many Internet users today noticed that finding the right information is getting harder and harder. The fact that the global search engines (a kind of guide to the Internet, standing on top of the pyramid Internet), such as Google, Yandex, etc., are worse to deal with the analysis of multiply-increasing volumes of information. And it is - a trend, the trend over the next decade. Global search engines should cover as wide a range of information resources, because doing so at the expense of depth of analysis and quality of search (for purely technical reasons).

Meanwhile, modern business is increasingly in need of timely information, effective promotion and advertising. And the area of ​​interest 70% of small and medium-sized businesses typically do not exceed the limits of a certain region of the city.

Promoting your business on the Internet today - a number of expensive and technically complex measures to ensure that potential customer quickly find information of interest, and it does not find the information of competitors. And competitors want for themselves the same. Because efforts to promote this, often ineffective and do not give the desired result.

We are rarely visit the library, the modern world is largely influenced by the media and the Internet. We know that for us "knows» Google. A Google «decides" what we need to know.

The above and many other conditions have led to the idea of ​​developing a local search engine DanVit Search ©, independent of the global search engines. We do not compete with Google, we are in a free market niche for local search, to do better what makes a bad Google.

DanVit Search © - it is:

An independent search engine that can be rapidly deployed to any region, city, industry;
Low requirements for the performance of servers and other hardware;
Effective software that allows you to analyze in detail, classify and store millions of documents per day, using a series of original know-how;
Search engine, carrying out rapid selection of documents and links that satisfy the user's request. At the same time realized the ability to sort search results on various grounds (in advertising and other purposes);
The index has been freed from "garbage", repeating information, and other negative impacts of the so-called "black" search engine optimization;
Working with a wide variety of document formats, spreadsheets, images;
Ability to work in any language, including - Chinese, Arabic, Persian, East European, and others;
Ability to customize the system to operate in any segment of the business, the secondary market, municipal and social institutions, educational institutions, etc. etc.
The possibility of vertical separation and scaling: combining multiple systems into a regional urban, regional multiple - a national;
Powerful analytical tools to examine the available information in the system from different angles and in various sections, to conduct sociological, statistical and market research;
Many other tasks facing the modern business and society.

Investment attractiveness of developments DanVit Search ©, in our opinion, due to the following assumptions:

Urban, regional, sectoral and thematic-based solutions DanVit Search © occupy poorly developed global search engines (Google, etc.) local niche, a partitioned search, providing business and society a new, more effective and previously unavailable opportunities. At the same time competition from global search engines is virtually absent;
DanVit Search © is an ultra-modern high-tech development in information technology have optimistic prospects for the coming decades, meets global trends and trends, such as de-globalization Internet ("Internet with a human face");
Solutions DanVit Search © scalable, can be quickly built in each city, region, and then merged into the national system;
Platform DanVit Search © is available the cost of implementation and maintenance;
For local search engines have access to all methods of making a profit, used by global search engines (promotion, advertising, analytics and statistics, PR, public opinion, etc.), as well as a number of specific sources of income.

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