DanVit search

DanVit Search © is an independent search engine that provides the following solutions and benefits:

  • quickly deployable within any region, city or industry;
  • low performance hardware requirements;
  • effective software that allows to analyse in detail, classify and store millions of documents per day, using unique know-how solutions;
  • ability to select documents and links that satisfy user's preference in fast, timely manner;
  • administrator-defined back end configuration that allows to sort and display search results in various ways (for advertising and other purposes);
  • indexing and displaying  content free of repetitive information and negative impacts of the so-called “black search engine optimization”;
  • indexing variety of document formats, spreadsheets, images, etc.;
  • ability to work with any language, including - Persian, Arabic, Sino-Tibetan, Slavic languages;
  • Administrator-defined back end configuration that allows to operate in any segment of the business, the secondary market, municipal and social institutions, educational institutions, etc.
  • Possibility of vertical separation and scaling,  integration of several urban systems into regional, several regional systems into national;
  • Powerful analytical tools to examine the available information in the system from different angles and in different sections, to conduct statistics, social and market research jobs;
  • Ability to provide solutions to unlimited business and social projects.

 The DanVit Search © is an attractive investment opportunity it has the following advantages:

  • Urban, regional, sectorial and thematic-based solutions.  DanVit Search © will successfully occupy unattended areas of local search neglected by the world’s Search Engine Giants. It will perform detailed local and segmented search, providing business and customers with more efficient and unique new features out of global search engines competition;
  • DanVit Search © is an ultra-modern, high-tech IT tool, it has the wide prospects for the coming decades, responding to such global trends as de-globalization of the Internet ("Internet with a human face");
  • DanVit Search © provides scalable solutions to be quickly implemented into a city, region, then merged into the national system;
  • Implementation and maintenance of the DanVit Search © platform is highly affordable;
  • DanVit Search © provides all available methods of profit used by the global search engines (promotion, advertising, analytics and statistics, public relations, etc), as well as a number of specific sources of income.

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