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Municipal project "Electronic City"

We suggest to consider the possibility of building the city (municipal) search engine for the project "Electronic City".

The essence of the project is to ensure that, using promising synergetic approach ("the art of managing unmanageable") to merge fragmented and weakly structured (structured or not) information relating to the sphere of government and municipal cities in a single information field that is accessible through a highly efficient search system (hereinafter - system).

• The system will automatically process and index the documents of any common formats (text, graphics, GIS, etc.).

• The process of placing information in the system is maximally simplified, the document can be placed on any site on the Internet or local network (or - easy access via the Internet, without posting on the site), a document can be automatically added to the system via e-mail and on any other digital media, techniques and protocols for data transfer. To collect and analyze information in an automatic mode algorithms are used situational centers.

• The system is able to index millions of documents (and more), as well as implement flexible search on these documents by different criteria (like the search engines Google, Yandex, etc.).

• The system can be implemented allocation of access rights to documents, if necessary.

• The system is inherently self-developing, which practically eliminates the need to make a sustained further efforts for its maintenance (not required and no training and implementation on the ground).

Due to the simplicity and, at the same time, the effectiveness of adding and retrieving information, common information space in part of the "Electronic City" can be built as soon as possible (it could be even 2-3 months after beginning work before putting the system into operation. working prototype system could be demonstrated within 1-2 weeks).

Exclusive access to the system interface (similar to search engines Google, Yandex, etc.) and indexed in the information it will effectively raise the level of informatization in the city.

We propose that the complex software and hardware systems in the field, and the so-called disparate ACS "Jobs" associated with the mass of the difficulties of training, need for ongoing support and maintenance of multiple systems - a simple, elegant managed solution, devoid of all the above shortcomings, and - most importantly: we offer a solution that the city can get on short notice.

Resulting from the project experience in the future can be easily ported to other cities in Ukraine and abroad.

In the future system can serve as a base for our project "Virtual City", whose description is beyond the scope of this document and may be submitted separately.

We draw your attention to the fact that this system - it's an original concept, perfectly functional and effective paradigm, the optimal communications strategy, rapid implementation, realistic perspective.

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