What opportunities DanVit Search do not have?

DanVit Search ™, being fundamentally oriented to search for local segments of the Internet (geographical, territorial, demographic, sectoral and other status) will never find you the data that go beyond these segments. For example, if you use DanVit Search, focused on search in your city, you will not find anything in it about another city. Or - almost nothing. We are specifically and actively working on it. Protecting you from the abundance thus typical of the current state of Internet Information "garbage."

Any other information relevant to the treated segment can be found as DanVit Search - this is primarily a search engine analyzes the information on different sites and showing it in the search. And the responsibility for the one or the other, the information (for its relevance and content) is the administration of the site (online resource), in which it resides and found DanVit Search. The same applies to be placed directly in DanVit Search documents (advertisements, pricelist, etc.), as in this case, the responsibility of the person who placed the DanVit Search in this information.

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