For modern man it is the Internet becomes the primary source of information

For modern man it is the Internet becomes the primary source of information. The volume of information posted on the Internet, are dazzling. Navigate in this information flow can be different. Many read the online edition of a favorite, but today the majority of users are turning to online information retrieval systems (IRS), which will be discussed further. It would seem that the IRS is better, the more resources it covers. After all, it is important not to miss anything when searching.

However, as we shall see below, the volume index database is let important, but not crucial. For the user, are fundamental results, the quality of their ranking, usability, availability of intuitive information retrieval language, developed an extended query language, easy navigation - just what is called the user interface and the neologism "usability".

According to experts, with even the largest global search engines available on the Internet today is not more than 30% of publicly available information present in the web environment. Web resources that are freely available, but not available through conventional search engines, form the so-called deep Web.

In recent years, many of the technological solutions to find the "deep web" is based on the ideology of the Semantic Web, the main objectives of which are currently look fairly chimeric. However, the partial solutions obtained in attempts to implement the Semantic Web, are now widely used in information technology. These decisions include, for example, aggregation of news and blogging on the basis of XML.

Despite the development of related information search services, yet the main factor determining the choice of a majority of users, is the quality of information retrieval.

In this business in a retrieval system, is developing as a business, and at all higher levels. Thus, despite the crisis manifestations in the world economy, many search engines perform successfully on the stock markets, the most expensive brand in the world recognized brand name of Google, which was ahead of brands General Electric and Microsoft. What is the search business, or, roughly speaking, to what search engines do their business? Options for the correct answers are many, but, apparently, the financial foundation of this business based on advertising, but rather on contextual advertising. That is, the more popular search engine, the more it has links, the more he visits, so it is more profitable. Thus, we consider some properties of the search service, which depends on the search business.

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