How does it work for us?

For information worker (IT-specialist), in particular for the analyst, the Internet is a unique source for information and global information array, as unifies the process of collecting and processing information for later analysis, and makes it easy to search. Largely thanks to modern technology, the Internet allows for a spontaneous analysis, and targeted analytical work: In addition to collecting information, the system allows for processing it in interactive mode, perform on-line monitoring and solve many other problems in intelligence, that is, serves as a method of producing a brand new pin analytical skills.

Despite the original design for the creators of the web, as a global medium of communication and information sharing, the idea of ​​doing business was included in the structure of the Internet. Moreover, the business potential of the web to date far exceeds the capacity of information. In contrast, used the Internet as an information portal, analytical methods, analytical support Internet business is in its formative stages, and in addition to interactivity, a number of features. First, the formation of "e-business intelligence" is also chaotic, as well as the formation of the e-business - without strictly defined rules and regulations. Second, the analytical methods of electronic business formed on the basis of analytical methods of the traditional business. On the one hand, this is a clear advantage, because Internet analyst has a strong basic framework of economic analysts. But on the other hand, the Internet has great potential for implementation of unique business solutions so complex analytical methods to support e-business must also be unique.

Internet business intelligence is formed, including elements:

Analysis of Internet technologies
marketing activities (including a new form of marketing - Internet Marketing)
economic analysts (including analysis of the secondary market)
analytics and consulting in management;
aspects of social intelligence, related to personnel matters, public opinion studies, Internet audience, and so on.

The development team DanVit, a team of highly qualified, experienced, talented professionals and specialists. Not stopping there, we have a lot of work and concentration, continuously improving SevPoisk. Our vision of DanVit Search ™, its possibilities and perspectives we outlined in the example of a municipal project "Electronic City" and the example of a business project "Virtual City".

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