How does it work for You?

"In 2010 if your business has no Web page, you should have no business."

Bill Gates

Creation and development of the Internet is a giant leap from the era of traditional technologies in the era of technology delivered in real time. Internet these days - is all-encompassing industry, quickly penetrating into all areas of human activity and growing rapidly, in proportion to the development of information technology. The stronger the evolving information geostructures, the more business opportunities for companies there to manipulate the new information technologies to improve their business. Promotion of sites, their content links to increase the profitability of your business and more. All of these factors often lead to a common "garbage" information space, the vast complexity of the search in the global search engines to-date information and great waste of time for finding it.

Local search engine DanVit Search ™ SevPoisk capable of much more effective to deal with these problems, and invented and patented this technology, ContactLink © allows to analyze in detail, classify and store millions of documents per day. The principal feature of DanVit Search ™ SevPoisk of all currently existing search engines is that for the connection between documents and the formation of ratings data, we do not use the internet links (Variations on a Theme Page rank, TCI, etc.). To solve this problem, we use the found pages and documents contact information (address, phone number, Email, ICQ, Skype, etc.).

The decisive factor in the development of e-business has become very user online: "new" man lives in an environment of "mobile" are constantly changing each other's information flows, and in order to keep pace with the times, it must always be aware of the changes analyze and forecast the opportunities and time.
Internet for the average user - it's super-fast flow of information exchange.

What could you quickly and efficiently navigate in this thread, we have implemented the ability to subscribe to any topics that interest you and word searches. Letters sent to the instantaneous reports as new data. You get to your E-Mail messages with text and links to the source, containing the exact, or combination of words popup threads to which you subscribed.

What could you quickly and effectively participate in the exchange of information, we have implemented the ability to add information in the search. It may be ads that you can publish on our website, or send them by E-Mail or SMS, files (documents, price lists, images), as well as a site that is not involved in the search.

It is also available to registered users of performance statistics and advanced analytics.

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