IPA keys Taobao.com, what are

The name of the application

Number of queries


The Base Of The IPA


Not published on Taobao.com

Development period




Affiliate site Taobao.com (eg. http://www.51fanli.com, , http://www.fanhuan.com )


After the withdrawal of the on-line number of requests automatically regulated on the basis of turnover (see. http://open.taobao.com//doc/detail.htm?id=797) and ranges from 100 to 500 requests per minute.

1.用户基本信息  Basic Ying-FA users


2. 淘宝客Taobao.com client

3. 商品类目属性

the attributes of the product categories

4.系统工具  System Tools

5. 商品信息展示  displaying information about products

6. 商品关联推荐  recommended products

7. 店铺信息查询 information about the shop 

Despite the apparent diversity, in fact, list functions is not great and almost entirely included in the package jichukaifang. In addition, during the period test use lets you query a real basis only for 5 days, after which you must make a request (a few clicks mouse), but if you have a large number of keys will cause certain difficulties.

Wireless applications for buyers



1. 店铺信息查询  Info about the shop

2. 商品关联推荐 recommended products


3. 商品类目属性   the attributes of the product categories


4. 商品信息展示     displaying information about products

5. 系统工具   System Tools

6. 用户基本信息    Basic Ying-FA users

7. 天猫精选  Tmall

A lot requests, but CUI package not very useful

Published on Taobao.com





Application for buyers (http://yingyong.taobao.com)



1. 天猫精选   Tmall

2. 店铺信息查询  information about the shop

3. 商品关联推荐  recommended products

4. 商品类目属性  attributes product categories

5. 商品信息展示  tobraženie information on products

6. 系统工具  Tools System

7. 用户基本信息  Basic Ying-FA users

Fully functionality provided by IPAS complies with the paragraph above

Application for analysis of sellers (http://fuwu.taobao.com/serv/list.htm?online_order=true)



1. 基础开放  opening the platform (base)

2. 分销 distribution


Application for shops

5000/day-Admin Panel



1000000/day-Admin Panel



1. 基础开放 opening the platform (base)

In addition, which includes the largest package with IPA also contains 2 immediately set of keys (one for Admin, the second for users).





The application for an increase in the number of queries must meet the following requirements:

1. over the past 7 days the success of appeals to the IPA should not be below 98%

2. If the number of hits not reached 50% of the current package, apply prohibited

(For example, the current package-20000 hits per day, if the number of appeals are not reached 10000 a day, then an application to file)

 3. Increase occurs serially, allowed move only one level higher.

(For example, in the the time the package is 20000/daily, following packages 100000 and 1000000, in such the case, one can apply only on the 100000 but not on 1000000)

Application procedure:

1. Requirements for applications to 1000000 and below

You need to check which packages you can submit application (single click on the "guanlizhengshu" key in the Control Panel, the IPAS application is submitted automatically and reviewed within 3 business days. In the process of filing specifying the details and reasons why it is necessary to increase the package requests can significantly speed up the process.

2.1000000 and above

Creates an incident in system support portal users Open. Taobao.com, describes the reasons for the application and the need to increase the query batch, then within 3 working days, you will be contacted to undergo further Offered staff procedures.

As can be seen from the table, so far none of the items does not fully fit the supplied tasks. In addition, when applying for the publication of the application, it is obvious that we cannot choose non-core applications. It makes sense when you have a ready resource to start a dialogue with a view to obtaining additional packages queries. In addition, in the case of a negative response from Taobao.com, still, You can use redundant keys in design mode (in this case, not be able to apply for packages, but the functionality of the will not be affected).

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