Our company

DanVit group - IT-company, founded in 2010 by people who over 15 years working in various fields of IT, were engaged in project management, systems analysis, development of large databases, the theoretical aspects of information processing, system programming, microcontrollers, web design and many other.
Employees DanVit group united by a desire to solve non-trivial task nicely related to the processing and analysis of large amounts of data, as well as a clear understanding of what the IT unsolvable problems did not happen.
We are pleased to have participated in a larger and more interesting, if less profitable. I want to make nice, a lot - and beautiful.
On the other hand, there are after all these funny little puzzles that need to make sure that \"sparkled.\" In this little problem we would be happy too.
We are hardly able to rid the world of dull shit, but would love to feasibly participate in this rescue.
We did pretty experience, and we are happy to share them. But, unfortunately, not all. Forgive us our snobbery - not all ...
How many of us men? Sometimes - as long as sufficient for the task. Often - less. Why blow the cheeks, the Lord? This - Russian outsourcing, with all its pluses and minuses: lost in translation - but the non-triviality of approaches, lack of understanding of the processes FDD, Scrum, or ITIL - but with a willingness to over-dedicated half-time and inclination to replace the concept of \"time\" the notion of \"necessary\" ...

Special thanks to our partners want to say on the holding - a fundamental decency, consistency and ability to solve the most difficult problems together.

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