Our experts have extensive experience in managing projects using different methodologies: XP, Scrum, FDD, MSF, ASD, SCM, RUP, etc. Implemented internal quality control system in software development, taking into account the recommendations and standards for CMM, ITIL, ISO / IEC. Always use change management and versioning.

In the development methodology used by the flexible modeling and documentation. The staff always have a professional technical writer.

When possible, we seek to follow the principles of Agile Manifesto, the adaptive process, which does not include practices and determine the values ​​and principles that guide a successful team.

The main ideas:

Personalities and their interactions are more important than processes and tools;
Working software is more important than complete documentation;
Collaboration with customers is more important than the contractual obligations;
Reaction to changes is more important than following the plan.

Principles that explain the Agile Manifesto:

customer satisfaction through early and uninterrupted delivery of valuable software;
welcome changes to the requirements, even late in development (it may increase the competitiveness of the product);
frequent delivery of working software (every month or week or more frequently);
close, daily contact with the developers of the customer throughout the project;
involved in the project motivated individual who provided the necessary working conditions, support and trust;
recommended method of communication - a personal conversation (face to face);
operating software - the best gauge of progress;
sponsors, developers, and users should be able to maintain a constant pace indefinitely;
constant attention to improving the technical skills and comfortable design;
Simplicity - the art of not doing unnecessary work;
best technical requirements, design and architecture derived from self-organized team;
constant adaptation to changing circumstances.

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