The principal differences

Google, Yandex - excellent search engines, but they are designed to find the data you are interested just in the Internet. When you are interested in is localized (eg, city) Internet resources, search Google or Yandex is ineffective due to:

  • Exposure of these systems, different methods of aggressive and "black" search engine optimization that leads to a lot of "garbage" and advertising, thus removing you from the desired, relevant data for you.
  • Low frequency of data updates from your interest resources. Global search engines is technically can not (and can not) update information on Web sites several times a day and with sufficient depth.
  • The need to minimize the amount of indexed data (again, for purely technical reasons), to the detriment of their completeness.

Sevpoisk - it is a local search engine of the new generation does not depend on global search engines and operates in a fundamentally different way. Using links between pages (documents) invented and patented the technology we ContactLink ©, which allows to analyze in detail, classified, and save millions of documents per day. The principal feature of DanVit Search ™ from all currently existing search engines is that for communication between the documents and the formation of ratings data, we do not use the internet links (Variations on a Theme Page rank, TCI, etc.). To solve this problem, we use the found pages and documents contact information (address, phone number, Email, ICQ, Skype, etc.). Technology ContactLink ©, patented by us and is protected by domestic and international laws on copyright and related rights.

The search is performed by rapid selection of documents, spreadsheets, images and other file formats, and links to the Internet, satisfying the user's request. At the same time realized the ability to sort search results by topic, or other characteristics. DanVit Search - a set of tools to effectively analyze the market demand and supply, market research, both primary and secondary market and its analysts, which allows to consider the available information in the system from different angles and in various sections to obtain the most complete picture and the big picture .

Using DanVit Search, you can easily and quickly communicate with target company, organization, person, as well as get detailed additional information as to avoid "garbage" and duplicate the effects of other adverse factors

Logging in Sevpoisk opens a wide range of personal opportunities to work with sevpoisk:

  • Subscribe to topics that interest you, ads, or query results. Sending you a report showing new messages and announcements on this topic as they become available through Email or SMS about any events, including - in the detection of new documents (eg, advertisements), corresponding to certain conditions (determined by the user like normal search).
  • Personal Account with your comment, announcements, and the results of search queries and updates to those on which you can subscribe to.
  • The possibility of rapid and qualitative search indexed information, sorting, grouping and filtering it in different, defined by you, the conditions.

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