Tools and technologies for implementing DanVit search now selected

Studied the experience of colleagues. Many have read, downloaded - installed - programmed - tested.

Intelligible and adequate ready open-source web crawlers do not find - write your own. At Delphi Win32 - so it will be faster.

As the chosen DBMS Oracle. We understand that it is - an expensive, but at the stage of the development of algorithms - the best option, since the mass of the most powerful features of the database - is always at hand. Well, a feeling of "upper ceiling" on performance will be - so if Oracle will not remove the load, then others - do not be, and to look for other algorithms.

As a search engine and indexer will try an inexpensive commercial product dtSearch - very fast indexer support terabyte indexes, quick search, including misrepresented and Fuzzy, declared Russian morphology ... Cross-platform, again ... We will try.

Web interfaces will do in ASP.Net. At the same time to get acquainted with prospective IDE Delphi Prism (integrated with MS Visual Studio) and language Oxygene (this is a very powerful CLR Pascal for. Net).

In God we trust!

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